Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stormy Weather

As I sit here and write this evening I can hear the rumbles of thunder out my window. The sky has turned darker but not a drop of rain has actually fallen. I still know the storm is coming...all the signs are there.

I've watched a lot of summer storms out this window - some blow by so fast that I almost miss them and others seem to linger forever, trapping us all in the house waiting for the wind and thunder to stop. It's kind of the same with "life" storms, isn't it? Some we seem to get through pretty easily - and others seem to last way too long.

I'm in one of those "way too long" phases I guess. I bet some of you are, too. Even though I know it won't last forever, it feels that way. And even though I know I'm not alone, it still feels that way sometimes. It's times like this that I have to keep reminding myself that the way I feel isn't necessarily the truth. The truth is that God will never leave me nor forsake me - even when He's a little quieter than usual. Even when He's letting me go through something hard.

There's a verse from a song I remember from a few years back:

"Sometimes He calms the storm, and other times He calms His child."

It would be a lot easier if He just held out His Hand and calmed all of those "life" storms, and made all the bad stuff go away. But since He doesn't always do that, I have to remember to let Him hold me through them, and calm my heart.

So if you are looking out the window at a storm today, just remember the One who is bigger than it all. The One who can hold you through anything. The One who can calm your heart no matter what you're facing.

He's there. I promise.


Kim said...

Thanks Sarah. I really needed this one right now.

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Hey Kim!

What a blessing to hear that:-) I pray that God shelter You in His arms of peace and that you would know His presence during this time.

Bless you.