Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Glow in the Dark Believer

It sat on my dresser, the eerie shimmer catching my eye. It was just a glowing wrist band, but in the dark of the night it cast light all around. I got up and placed it on my wrist and walked around the dark room. The luminescent circle pinpointed my steps.

That’s what I want to be – a glow in the dark believer. Radiating with the light of Christ in a world looking for answers. Walking in a way that others can find their way when darkness closes around them.

I don’t have “star” stamped on my forehead. When I sing in the shower, frogs croak outside in unison. I can’t jump higher or run faster, even when I have the latest and best athletic shoes. I’m ordinary, but I have access to the light!

A glow-in-the-dark wristband fades over time, but when you hold it to the light it is reenergized. If the wristband is never held to the light, it fades. If it is never placed in the darkness, it can’t glow.

I know. I know. Crazy to get so much theology out of a wristband, but God talks to me in strange ways.

There is a balance in your life that you can pursue to be a glow-in-the-dark believer. Spending time in the presence of God illuminates your life. He shows you how to live. He places a burden for the world in your heart. He gets rid of the junk and replaces it something so much greater.

But we also have to venture into the darkness. We can’t just go to church and sit on a pew and call that Christianity. We can’t sit in the light all the time. We can have dinner and conversations and relationships with those who don’t know him, just like Jesus did. He didn’t embrace the darkness, he shined with God’s love and with clear convictions lived in truth.

God, don’t let me get too comfortable in my faith. Help me to stick tight to you so that I can grow, but let me take you into my world. Be the light in me so that others can see you inside of me.


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