Wednesday, August 03, 2005

apology to our readers!

We've scratched our heads. We've sent emails back and forth. We've wondered if you are there, even though we know you are there because the hit counter just keeps on ticking.

Why aren't they commenting? Letting us know they are checking in to 4:12LIVE?

Well, hmm. Maybe it is because we forgot to check the thingimajig that allows anyone who wants to comment to do so! I just discovered that the default setting is to allow registered users only to share their thoughts.

Sorry. : (

I realized it when Samantha, one of our regular readers, (Hey Sam!) complained on her new blog site that she had to create it just to leave a comment on 4:12LIVE.

So, problem fixed! Comment away. And if you don't start commenting, we'll suffer quietly and pretend it doesn't matter, even though you matter a lot to each of us here at 4:12.

Nuf said,



Christopher Maselli said...

D'oh! Thanks for fixing that Suzie. Nice catch!

Samantha said...

Now that's more like it! (Even though it doesn't matter much for me now) One day I'll comment under anonymous just to catch ya'll by suprise!