Saturday, August 20, 2005


The Dragon Lady is thinking again, pondering life, etc.
This could be futile, but probably not dangerous.
I have two grandsons. One is three, almost four. The other is a little over a year.
The older loves to sing. He sings a song over and over until we want to lock him in a sound-proof box. The younger is experimenting with language. Most of the time this is amusing. Cook-cook is cookie. Crack is cracker. Dah is dad, dog, that, and down.
Older grandson's been stuck on Ring Around the Rosy. I'm sure you know the song. We certainly do. I woke up the other day saying, "pocket full of posies."
Out of the string of new words in this song, the little guy has picked "ashes, ashes" as his new words. He says them very distinctly. His pronunciation of ashes, ashes is much more accurate than cook-cook.
I'm sure there is a life lesson in here somewhere. After all, we have a fifteen month old babe with cherub curls who says, Dah dah cook-cook ashes ashes.
Interpretation could be: That dog ate my cookies. Reduce him to ashes. But I don't think the child is that violent yet.
It could mean: Dad, down with the cookies so I can reach them, or I am going to have a meltdown. This is a distinct possibility.
Okay how about these for life lessons:
Be careful what you say, for you are a role model to younger children, and you don't want them to pick up negative language from something you say in passing, innocently, without meaning to influence another person, especially one younger and unprepared for the world.

No, life lessons should be more succinct.

Second try:
Don't take Scripture out of context and try to make it say what you want.
Good thought-- still a bit cumbersome.

Last try:
Grandmothers are prone to love their grandkids.

Life application challenge: Call or write your grandmother! She's a nice lady who loves you very much.

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