Friday, September 09, 2005

How can He love me as I am?


When a child bounces into the classroom, I see potential.
I know they have unperfected behavioral skills. Their world is decidedly me-oriented. They know only a fraction of what I know, and a lot of their perceptions are skewed. But I see the potential.
I see their eagerness to connect with others, even if they go about it in a "young barbarian" mode. I see their excitement in discovery, even though at times they need guidance to draw right conclusions. I see them yearning to fulfill their unique talents.
Last week I got a glimpse of how God loves me. A rambunctious preschooler vaulted into class, seeking life! This guy tickled my heart.
Then the metaphor hit me: I too am God’s imperfect seeker.
Re-read the second paragraph and you’ll see a description of myself in God’s eyes. I struggle to maintain worthwhile relationships, understand my place in the world, and use the talents He has given me. Thankfully, God sees my potential. God loves His children.

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