Friday, September 09, 2005

Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking

I'm reading "It's Not About Me" by Max Lucado. It's a fairly cool book written for teens. Anyway, this morning I was sitting outside checking out the kitties playing at my feet and appreciating the beautiful green Oklahoma scenery all around me, and reading this book.

I stumbled on a passage that caught my eye. Did you know that the average North American with an average life span of 75 years will spend:

  • about 25 years sleeping
  • about 15 years working
  • some 10 years watching TV
  • four years eating
  • three years driving
  • three years in the bathroom
  • three years getting dressed

Me neither!

So, the question kicked around by these stats is: how do we spend our moments?

I write full-time and work out of a home office, so I can chalk up writing for some of my moments. Let me splash in sleeping, eating, bathroom time (it's a fact of life), driving and getting dressed, as well as playing with my friends and family. I can throw in ping pong, ministry (not in that order), and study.

But if I'm honest I spend a lot of my time tuned in to watch TV programs that I don't even really care for while I snack on kettle corn. Why? It's a distraction. No, I don't spend hours a day zoned out, but if I'm honest I lose a lot of my life's moments when I could be pursuing something greater for my life. Cool stuff, destiny stuff, life-changing or fun stuff.

Am I downing TV? Not really, rather I'm just taking an honest look at the 75 or so years I will be given (hopefully) and checking out where I'm spending my time.

Makes me think, anyway.


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