Thursday, September 22, 2005

In awe of the seemingly small

I just returned from the doctor's office. I'll spare you the details of why I had to go there, because they are mundane and would quickly launch us into too-much-information land. Mostly I wanted to pass along a sweet story that made me happy and will remain in my memory--a soul smile I can always look back on when life enters a season of purposes crossed and dreams unreached.

Here's the story, from the beginning.

A woman in our church recently gave birth to twins--a boy and a girl. She told me that, even while she was pregnant, one of her babies always reacted whenever I started leading worship. After the twins were born, she said the boy, Jace, noticeably calmed when he heard me sing.

Last night I led worship for a women's meeting. Just me, a piano, and a microphone. The women were seated in a different part of the room from the piano, so I felt like I do when I'm home alone, just playing and singing from my heart to the Lord. A nurse who works for my doctor held Jace as I sang.

So, today when I went to the doctor's office, my nurse friend said, "I want you to know, as soon as he heard your voice, Jace relaxed in my arms and peace came over him. His mom had told me your singing always affects him that way, but I saw it for myself. It was amazing."

Wow. Just wow. I can't really tell you what this does to me.

As a writer, I want to write books many people will read and love. I want to make a difference. But I also know, if I connect with only one person in an eternal way, that's enough.

Likewise, I'd love to make music that touches many. But if that never happens, it's okay. My song touched a baby named Jace, even before he was born.

For me, this is amazing. And it's enough.

Whatever your dreams may be--whatever lofty goals you've set--look for the little ways your life touches others. It helps keep the disappointments in perspective and lends a sweetness to your days. Who knows? In God's eyes, one baby's smile may be worth much more than the applause of millions. I hope today you'll sense God's pleasure on the small things you do for Him.

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Shannon said...

Jeanne! What a wonderful post, and a sweet photo, too!

It was great to meet you at ACFW! I should have remembered that you post here. :-)