Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ingrownius Eyeballitus--Do You Have It?

Oh brother, I've got this serious problem again. Ingrownius Eyeballitus. Have you heard of it? If not, these are symptoms you may want to watch out for:

"A major portion of our eye troubles could probably be diagnosed 'Ingrownius Eyeballitus.' Ingrown eyeballs. It strikes us all. In both dramatic and subtle ways, the stubborn enemy of our souls urges us to look ever inward instead of outward and upward. He whispers little nothings in our ears. He reminds us of how unappreciated and ill-treated we are . . . how important yet overlooked . . . how gifted yet ignored . . . how capable yet unrecognized . . . how bright yet eclipsed. Why not try God's remedy . . . a long, well-needed look at your Savior in His Word." ~Charles Swindoll

The symptoms have appeared in my life over these past few weeks as I've struggled to finish my latest novel: Why do I have to do every little thing? I mean, am I the only one who can make a trip to the grocery story? Or check the mail? Doesn't anyone appreciate the fact that I'm trying to WRITE A BOOK. They just assume putting 100,000 words down on paper and making it historically accurate, entertaining, and page-turning is an easy thing!

That doesn't sound too pretty, does it? So I'm attempting to focus on what Swindoll claims is the cure: a long, well-needed look at my Savior. It's then I remind myself that HE is my source and my strength. He knows the story and will tune me into it as I turn to Him.

AS IF I could write it without Him, anyway?! Besides, Jesus actually loves it when we depend on Him for every little thing.

by Tricia Goyer

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