Monday, October 10, 2005

Lean on the Lord

I’ve been dealing with trust issues lately—leftover baggage from being hurt in the past. Trust can be hard. Sometimes really hard. Do you have trouble trusting other people? Have people mistreated you, or let you down, or bro­ken their promises to you? Maybe they overlooked you when you needed attention. How did that make you feel?

Being mis­treated and ignored can make us overly sensitive later in life. If you feel destroyed emotionally when your friend doesn’t compliment you on your new dress, her opinion is too important. If you’re depressed for weeks when some­one doesn’t invite you to a party, your hope is in the wrong place. You’re using other people’s reactions to you to define who you are. (This is such an easy thing to slip into, no matter what your age!) If you look to others to let you know if you’re “okay” or “acceptable,” you will constantly need to be working for their love and approval.

If you trust in other people for your self-worth, it’s time to shift that trust to God. If we trust in Him, we won’t be let down. Even the most loving parents or devoted friends will fail us sometimes. They’re human, not perfect. But believers can trust God for their self-esteem. We can count on Him to see us through any pain or difficulty we’re in. No matter how much you love other people, keep your total trust in God alone.

“The LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you.” (1 Chronicles 28:20 NASB) Trust in the Lord. Lean on Him for your hope and self-confidence and acceptance. He will never, ever let you down.

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