Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Buried by the World

Mark Twain once said something like "The reports of my demise are vastly exaggerated." Well, the reports of my early retirement are premature.
I apologize for missing my blogs lately. You might say I had been buried alive by the cares of this world. I had an eye infection, a looming deadline, a cold that should have been classified category five, and a major case of "I CAN"T DO IT ALL!"
Once I turned in the manuscript, I stared at the wall for a week, then I was icky sick for a few days, and then stared at the wall some more. I had been under pressure and in high gear for so long that when I stopped, well, I really stopped. Then I looked around at all that had slid into a major to-do pile while I concentrated on the number one priority - the manuscript. I was horrendously overwhelmed.
Then I prayed.
And I got a clear message.
One step at a time.

I shook myself like a dog coming out of the water and grabbed the first bone of contention on the pile. Days later, I am beginning to feel like a normal person again.

But one thing is clear to me once again. I am SO not equipped to be God. I can't handle a schedule that is just a little overcrowded. Think about what God handles daily. Wow! And He doesn't get stressed. He doesn't stare at walls. He doesn't get icky sick and He doesn't fumble His responsibilities.

Yep. I'm glad I am NOT God, and I'm glad I have God, a God who is capable of all His tasks.

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