Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Your Story

"Share your story every single day between now and Christmas."

Hmm. That should be easy. I blog. I write for teens. I have a website. I speak.

I'm a communicator.

I shared it on my personal blog and the comments came in. I shared it on my website.

But I don't think this is what my pastor meant. He meant that I should share it one-on-one with people. Eye to eye. Face to face.

"Hey Suz, how are you doing?"

"Good, really good. Hey, have I every told you my story?"

"Your story? Umm. I don't think so."

Then I will tell them. You see, there was a time that I didn't believe in God and then I discovered that he was real. Every day I get to know this amazing Savior who gives me purpose and marks me with his love. He's there in the tough times. He's there in the good. He pushes me with his word to greater destiny. I'll never forget that broken young girl that challenged God, but today I'm whole and it's because of faith.

"Really. So how did that happen? Like, what's the in-between stuff?"

Those are conversations that I want to have to celebrate this season of my faith. You see, Christmas is just a day, really. It's not the exact day of Jesus' birth. In our culture, it's definitely not celebrated as such. But maybe if I can share my story then the celebration becomes much more meaningful.


So, what's your story?

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