Saturday, November 12, 2005


I'm reading a cool book right now. In fact, while flying home from D.C. I snuggled in the miniscule space allowed on the airplane and read all the way across the U.S. At one point I snorted and laughed out loud.

My seatmates stared, but I couldn't help it. It was funny, a laugh-out-loud, wow this guy is a good writer type of laugh.

On the surface it seems like just another book about a humorous guy's experiece, but it's by a publishing company called Relevant, so I expected relevance.

And I found it.

The title of the book is called Flashbang.

Flashbang is a term for the explosions on stage that create light, flash, and dazzle, but really have no substance or flame. They're mostly noise and sparklies.

The author said that he was on a journey to overcome "flashbang faith". He wanted faith of substance. He wanted it to make a difference in the world around him. He didn't just want to sear the eyebrows off of listeners with the message and fail to impact them with the heart of the gospel.

I love it when an author shares a message with humor, and while I'm laughing and occasionally snorting here and there, think, "hey, that's really deep".

The book started me to thinking and that's the sign of a great book. That's exactly the type of book I pray to write.

Will they be funny? Probably not. I screw up the end of jokes every time I tell one.

But they will be real. That relevant factor -- that's what I'm asking God for. Not just in books, but in every day life.

What about you?

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