Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Swept up...

I'm not much for computer games really. Except for the occasional solitaire, I've just not been interested.

Until this weekend.

My sister introduced me to Zoo Tycoon. I got to create my own zoo, buy animals, plop down fences and create whatever kind of land I wanted. It was a very powerful feeling let me tell you. With one sweep of the mouse I could create a blistering sahara or a frozen tundra. Before I knew it two hours had slipped by and my husband came looking for me.

Him: Are you still down here?

Me: I've got to creat a habitat for my pandas.

Him: It's two o clock in the morning. Your sister wants to go to bed.

Me: Oh look! My flamingos just had babies!

I got a little carried away. But it's very easy to get to stirred up about something when we throw ourselves into it. It's probably why Paul told Timothy that he should "fan into flame the gift of God". (2 Tim 1:13)If we are to keep up our passion for God we have to add fuel to that fire in our hearts. A fire left unattended will eventually burn itself out. Passion is something we can - and should - stir up daily. I haven't even loaded the Zoo Tycoon game my sister gave me into my computer. I have a feeling I shouldn't fan that flame.

But that fire for God inside me? That can always use some attention. So if you've been feeling kind of cold and empty, throw some wood on that fire and spend some time with God today. It's amazing how easy it is to get a roaring fire going when you put your heart into it.

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