Thursday, January 19, 2006

When Angels Die

I was all ready to write this week, but I could not find my "voice". I am too disturbed, to enraged, to horrified by what has happened around me. Nixmary Brown was brutally murdered this week by her stepfather. Reports claim that she was screaming for her Mother who was in the other room while she was being held under water and beaten by this man. Nixmary has allegedly suffered years of physical, sexual and mental abuse at his hands and the hands of her Mother. Nixmary was seven.

I cannot think, I cannot even allow myself to totally understand what is coming out in the newsreports. What this child suffered and survived. How she died pleading for the one who should have laid down her life to defend her. How her broken and bruised body told a horror story to the coroner. And you know, in every picture they show of can see it in her eyes.

Please, if you are being abused or know someone who is..tell someone. Tell someone now and don't stop until that child is safe. Don't just pray, don't whisper, don't gossip. Recognize it, report it and help the child anyway you can. It is a matter of life and death.

Nixmary, may you rest in peace sweetheart. May you be given a hero's welcome in heaven and may you spend eternity in the arms of a Father will use endless time to show you the love you should have been shown here. God Bless the little angel, Nixmary.

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Barb Huff said...

Amen, Carrie.

We can't even begin to understand the horrors that are sometimes happening in the walls next door to us.

And we can't stay silent any longer when we get a glimpse of them. Children, women die when we turn our backs because we're afraid to get involved.