Friday, February 24, 2006

Do you meet fantasy characters in your life?

I write fantasy stories, but in truth, I write about what happens to people every day.
My fantasy world is peopled by characters who want to feel good about themselves. Most real people do, as well.
In our world, people who are struggling to feel good about themselves sometimes go barreling down the wrong path.
You can name those paths.
Exaggerated clothing and/or make up.

Next time someone does something that irritates you, think about this: The unlovable behavior might just be that person’s bid to be accepted somewhere, somehow, by someone.
The loud-mouth clown in class. Does he feel threatened by the students who learn more easily than he does?
That bottle-redhead who bats her eyes. Does she feel lonely at home?

When I feel insecure, I tend to act like someone I’m not. And I don’t usually like that person. What a paradox!
But if I stop and remember that I am a Child of God, I know that I am accepted.
Where? Everywhere.
How? Without a demand that I measure Up to anyone’s standards.
By whom? Someone, with a capital S. More capitals than that! The LORD.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this; it really touched me. Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I really needed this today. You will never know how perfect your timing was...

Donita K. Paul said...

Isn't wonderful how GOD times things so we get the encouragement we need? I often get an email from a reader right when I think I should start selling used cars instead of writing. God is good!