Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poetry Challenge: Playing with Words

I recently visited a friend's blog and discovered he'd issued a poetry challenge to his readers. There weren't any rules. He simply asked readers to go to the comments section and compose a poem. They could say whatever they wanted to, but they had to say it in verse.

I know some of the teen readers of this blog aspire to someday be writers, so I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little secret. Yes, there's a lot to learn about craft, but a big part of writing is loving language. And what better way to get acquainted with words than to play with them? When we write in verse, we train our minds to pay attention to the built-in rhythm of language. It's a great exercise and lots of fun.

So, today I'm issuing a poetry challenge. This goes out to the blog readers and contributors. Compose a poem in the comments section. Make it rhyme. Give it meter. It can be cheesy or sweet or profound. It can be as long or short as you want. It can even be a protest, like, "Rhyming verse is very lame/I do not want to play your game." As long as you say it in verse, it counts.

I'll start by composing a poem about this blog. Here we go:


In any kind of cyber weather
Christian authors come together,
Sharing from our lives and hearts
Revealing our mistakes and warts,
Because we know you don't need fluff
And life with Jesus can get tough.

Though friends may laugh or think you're odd
Because you choose to live for God,
We don't despise you for your youth,
We cheer you on to love the Truth.
We never ridicule or mock;
At 4:12 Live we think you rock!

Now it's your turn! Don't be shy. Pick a topic and let the poetry flow. Play with words. Who knows? They may become your best friends.


Anonymous said...

The Wallflower-

You little Wallflower
Up on the wall
Why don't you come down
and join us all

Why? Everyone passes by
Without a second glance;
I can't come down when
I'm not given a chance

With their eyes wide open
They all pass by me,
But even in looking,
They really don't see.

They all pass by me
As I'm stuck on the wall,
not really caring if
I stick or if I fall.

I've given up trying,
And now I turn around
To where I should have been.
Lord help me is my only sound

My eyes have been focused
On me and only me.
Now who's the one
Who truly can't see?

I'm still stuck on the wall
As I feel I shall be
For a very long time,
But not for eternity.

P.S. Even if you're a wallflower,
make a difference! Reach out to the very people who are ignoring you! Pray for them and make a difference for Christ.

Jeanne Damoff said...

Awesome job and great advice. Thanks, anonymous!

Rachelle said...

Rainy, cloudy, windy day
I did not ask you to stay
Why, oh, why did you come my way?

Hot, and blistering sun
Why did you pick this one?
My plans you have undone.

Oh, discontent and struggling girl
Nothing makes you happy, nothing makes you swirl
Why do you choose this world?

Father, how could I have forgotton You?
Failed to notice all You do?
Breezed past the fact that Your love is true?

Rainy, sunny, hot or cold day
Come, come, come my way
For I know it His will, come what may.