Saturday, February 18, 2006

Grace Personified on American Idol

Mean-tongued Simon Cowell was humbled this week by a beautiful act of forgiveness offered by Mandisa Hundley, a woman he had made fun of as fat (muttering on national television that they "needed a bigger stage" when she appeared). This lovely gospel singer admitted on Wednesday before millions of viewers that he had hurt her, and then boldly told America that if Jesus could die on the cross for the bad things she had done, she could certainly forgive Cowell. Fox left the soundbyte about Jesus in the show, and Mandisa's lovely smile and act of grace communicated more across the airwaves about the power of the Cross than many a sermon preached by a smooth televangelist. Having my body made fun of publicly would be immensely hard for me to forgive. Could you have done it?

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Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Oh - I screamed in pure joy when I saw this. She showed what true Christianity is all about.

She's got my vote:-)