Thursday, April 27, 2006

For Guys Only: How To Win A Girl's Heart

We Daughters of Eve were designed by our Maker to relate. Which means that (brace yourselves for the shock) most of us like to T-A-L-K about ideas, emotions, and of course, relationships. This may seem overwhelming to guys who are used to bonding conversationally over stuff like techno-toys, sports, and eventually, barbecues.

So how do you talk to that girl you like? How do you get her to want to spend more time with you? That's a no-brainer: Ask questions. And then use those crucial non-verbals to show that you're listening -- eye contact, nodding, occasional sounds like "mmmmm" and "yeah," to show that you're fascinated. Wondering what to ask? Here are some possibilities:
  • Cheer me up, (her name goes here -- girls like to hear their own names spoken by guys in conversation). What's been the high point of your week?
  • I've been stressed out lately, (name). What do you do when you want to relax?
  • How's your relationship with God going?
  • Who's easier to talk to, your Mom or your Dad? Why?
I could go on forever, but part of your job as husband-in-training is brainstorming great questions that will make your wife-to-be feel cherished. So go for it -- I guarantee you that a guy who asks questions and listens is WAY more attractive than any buff jock or intellectual coffee-drinker who drones on about himself.


Maddee said...

This post has been girl-approved. Girls do relate mostly through talking - which is great sometimes, but can also be a disadvantage. This advice is great for both girls and guys.

b said...

This is really true for girls. We communicate differently than guys do - and guys seem to have a weird way of communicating from my standpoint, but that's the way God made them. My way of communicating probably seems weird to them too.

Mitali - I really enjoy your 'communication' blogs. In a day of instant messaging and soundbytes, good communication seems to be pretty rare. Thanks!

- Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.