Monday, April 24, 2006

Chewing Ice

I have a really bad habit of chewing ice. I've been told not to and I continued to do it. At least until recently. I cracked my tooth while chewing ice. Today the dentist explain how to fix my tooth. It's only going to take time, money and pain. Bummer. I have to wonder why I continued to do something that I knew I shouldn't. Chewing ice isn't the only bad habit I have. Sometimes I overeat. Occasionally I gossip. Why? Lack of self-control. I know the Fruits of the Spirit - and one of them is Self-Control. This is something I will work on. With His help. I think I'll go get a glass of ice water - and not chew the ice. ***Did you know that chewing ice is sometimes a symptom of anemia?

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Samantha said...

Oh dear, maybe I should stop too.