Friday, May 26, 2006

Do you write poetry?

Hey, lookout, I'm a high school English teacher...but I promise not to edit your posts. I'm also a writer--children's books, juvenile mysteries, nonfiction...just about anything. So...I just finished writing a book that teaches people how to write poetry. It's VERY basic--younger kids could get it even. The whole project was really kind of crazy, because I've only ever published one poem. Ha! Now, however, I'll have a bunch of poems published, because they're in the book. Sneaky, huh?
Soooooo...I was you write poetry? If so, what are your favorite subjects? Do you write poetry only when you're depressed or do you write it when you're happy, too? Have you shown anyone your poetry? Do you keep a journal of it? Who's your favorite poet? I like Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti.
This is all doubly crazy, because I've NEVER taken a poetry class--not in high school or in college. I was too scared--I figured it would be too hard to figure out. It's really not--you just have to swim around in a poem for a while. I LOVE poetry now and have a growing collection of poetry anthologies.
Janet Mc


Samantha said...

Oh, an English teacher, my favorite! Really, I aspire to be a high school English teacher.

Smart_Pippi said...

Personally, poetry is somthing that just hits me...I was sitting in Latin once, and we were talking about the Lighthouse at Alexandria, and it just seemed like a good poem.