Friday, May 26, 2006

God is all about rules -- or is he?

If God is all about rules, then he certainly started off the garden of Eden on the wrong foot. Coz it was a one-rule paradise. Think about it. God's ultimate world was designed to be a world of freedom. Adam and Eve were surrounded by beauty. They got to hang out with God every day. They had all the food that they needed.

They had one small rule--stay away from the tree!

But the serpent deceived them. He took their focus off of all that they did have and made them think that God was holding out on them. He adjusted their focus from all they had to the one thing they couldn't.

When they ate the fruit they got more than they bargained for. They lost their innocence. They hid from God. For the first time, they felt ashamed and embarrassed. God was walking through the garden looking to hang out and they were hiding behind some fig leaves.

This isn't about God and rules. It's about deceit. And Satan still uses that same old lie today. He tempts seekers (and believers) to focus on the "forbidden fruit". To make them think that God is holding out on them, that he's all keeping stuff away from them. That's there more out there.
I don't know how many teens I've ministered to that sit with me and cry over what they've lost.

"I thought I was missing out."

"I didn't think it would hurt me."

"Everybody else was doing it."

They cry because they've lost something--something they didn't know they had until it was gone.

Real freedom comes from knowing what you have. Reaching for God instead of forbidden fruit. Hanging out with the God of the universe and discovering what he wants to say to you about life, about your dreams, about ministry, about your passions.

That's when you discover the real fruit God intended for your life all along. . .

Real Question: Have you ever focused on what you are "missing out on" and missed what you do have? Talk to God about what you do have. Look long and hard and get out of your cultural box to see the blessings that are all around you.

Real Scripture: And as they ate it, they became aware of their nakedness and were embarrassed. Genesis 3:7

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