Tuesday, May 09, 2006


One of my friends is having his birthday party today. He is four. His name is Porter, and he is having a Purple Pancake Party. That's right: Porter's Purple Pancake Party. I'm sorry I wasn't invited, but I'm just his Sunday School teacher. Not one of his real buddies. He informed me on Sunday that he has never had his friends come over for breakfast before. Purple is his favorite color, and he is going to wear the purple shirt he got from his grandma at Christmas. It sounds like a fun party given by a very creative mom.
When I opened my file of color meanings a few minutes ago, I had to laugh. Surveys show that purple is the preferred color of nearly 75% of children under 13. Porter could be the poster child for that one.

Of course, purple combines blue and red. Blue indicates stability and red indicates energy. Does this mean that a vast majority of children can be counted on to be energetic? Since I've taught for almost 40 years, I can testify to that.

Purple is also associated with royalty, symbolizing a mixed bag: nobility, extravagance, wisdom, dignity, creativity, and mystery.

And when I think of a Biblical reference, I think of Lydia, who was a trader and dyer of purple cloth.

Purple: fully embraced by youth, a symbol of the spiritual privilege of being a joint heir with Christ, adopted into the ultimate royal family, and a color worth dealing in whether it be cloth or pancakes.

Rejoice with those who rejoice. Enjoy a purple pancake soon. Have it with a glass of grape juice.

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