Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ain't So

Faith is believing what you know ain't so." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain wasn't a believer, as far as history records, but there is great truth in this quote.

Does God really believe in me?

The words spoken over me in childhood say "it ain't so".

Is there something that I can do to impact my world? My limitations say "it ain't so".

Does God really care about each and every individual? The chaos in this world might suggest "it ain't so".

And yet if I look back at my history -- or perhaps when you look back at your's -- at the God moments, you and I may see clearly that it "is so".

I remember the moment I realized that there was a God. I couldn't see him. The earth didn't shake. Nothing in my circumstances changed. And yet everything on the inside of me did.

How? The Bible says that when you receive God as your Lord, light and life is now a part of you. He lives inside of you. My problems didn't swish away like water down a drain. My family was still struggling. I was still skinny and unsure -- guys weren't knocking down my door. Those things still mattered, but now they were in perspective.

Like a kalidescope, the colors of my world were centered around something beautiful and solid, a new and growing faith.

I started believing that I mattered to God. I started to grasp the fact that he knew I existed, and that he grieved over the circumstances and chaos of my life. I started one day to overflow (John 7:37-38) with something real and living, and my life's calling became a hope to impact others with life and faith.

Tell me "ain't so", and I'll show you faith and say "it is so".

Suzie Eller

On a PS: Just found out yesterday that Book #5 has been contracted. I'm pumped! It will be for women in their teens and twenties. I have only one thing to say:

It's so!

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MAS said...

Congrats on book #5! Maybe someday I'll get book #1:-}