Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One simple man

I called my niece yesterday, excited to share with her the details of the past week spent in Chicago.

"I taught at Wheaton College," I said. "It's so amazing to see what one man has done in one lifetime."

"What man?" she asked.

"Billy Graham," I said.



That threw me. Yes, Billy Graham is 90 years old, but I never stopped to think that a whole generation might not know who this guy is.

And if they do know, he's the dude who preaches in stadiums and thousands of people respond to his message about knowing God.

But there's more to the story. When he was young he felt like God wanted him to tell people about Jesus. For the last seven decades he's done just that.

No "anointed hankies". No purple hair. No fancy clothes.

No body guards. No celebrity status.

Just one simple man sharing one simple message of hope.

All week long I saw the results of his obedience. While I was at Wheaton University there were students there from all over the world. Some came to study archeology. Others studied medicine. There were future teachers, preachers, missionaries, art students. . .

And the whole basis of their study was to honor God in whatever gifts they had and to live out their life of faith as they pursued their talents and education.

I marveled at the simplicity, but the excellence I saw in the university and the students.

This one man, who very rarely talks about himself or his accomplishments, is responsible for thousands upon thousands of people not only knowing God, but taking his message and sharing it creatively all over the world.


So, I hope don't you mind if I talk about a 90-year-old guy today that you might or might not know. His life is an awesome example of what God can do through ordinary people who obey God and follow him one day at a time.

To think that he started young. To think that he's still going.

To think that God wants to be just as powerful in your life and in mine. . .



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