Monday, June 05, 2006

Totally professional in pajamas!

God cares for me. And He shows me in simple ways, daily.

Today, He gave me a wonderful sunrise to gaze at as I read my Bible.

He prodded me to keep reading and praying INSTEAD of going on my typical walk.

He did these things, not only because He loves me, but because I-had-a-radio-interview-I-totally-forgot-about-with-a-national-radio-show-that-surprised-me-with-a-call-at-6:00 a.m.! Whew.

It's so cool that God is watching my back-side, even when I totally mess up.

So, you may ask. How did she do talking to national radio personalities in her pajamas?

You can listen at: (please do!)

At least my fuzzy slippers were cute!

Now, let me ask, how has He cared for you lately?


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