Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Dog Ate My Homework

Well, I wish I could say the dog ate my blog info, but I can't. It was simply my own fault that I've gotten behind on my "assignments." As a high school English teacher, I've heard about every excuse in the book as to why my students don't turn in their work on time. I even had one girl bring in a book she had owed me for months--with the corner chewed off. Yes, her dog REALLY had eaten it. Here are the Top 10 Excuses I've gotten.

10. "I had to babysit my little sister last night, and she threw up all over my assignment."
9. "My dad used my assignment as fire starter."
8. "It's in my locker, and I can't open my locker."
7. "It's in my P.E. shorts and the gym is locked up."
6. "I thought today was yesterday."
5. "My assignment is in my car and my friend just stole my car."
4. "I did my history assignment, which isn't due until tomorrow, instead. Will you accept my history assignment?"
3. "I lost my __________ (textbook, assignment book, assignment paper, etc.)."
2. "My mom/dad said I shouldn't have to do this."
1. "My mom and dad got divorced and my homework is at Dad's house five hundred miles away."

We all use excuses, don't we, when we procrastinate, forget or just don't want to do something that's required of us? There's always something more fun than our responsibilities (think of how English teachers have those mountains of essays to read). But I'm finding that it's hard to enjoy those fun things in life until I have my chores behind me.

I'd be interested: what's your favorite excuse of all time? And how do you motivate yourself to do those things that aren't so fun to do? God's Word promises that our hard work leads to a profit, while the lack of it can lead to poverty. So...I'm going to promise to do better by turning in my blogs on time. :-) My apologies to my blogbuddies!


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Samantha said...

As a student, I'm looking at this from the humorous side. My best excuses: "I couldn't do my math homework because The Nanny reunion was on" Yes, Fran Drescher was an excuse for me not doing homework. Not one of my best phases ;).