Friday, July 21, 2006

What will you be?

I've had a very interesting, and very exhausting, week at church drama camp. I was the teacher. Though I have years and years of experience in the theatre, this is the first time the church has been able to wrangle me into teaching for them.

They bribed me by letting my kids attend the dance and music camp for practically nothing.

But it's also been a while since I've been trapped in a room for two hours with 10-13 year old kids. And it reminded me of all the excitement of being young and dreaming about what they might do when they grow up.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be:

a doctor
a Navy pilot
an author
a mom
an actress
a director

Wanting to be an actress took up about nine years of my young life. I was resolute. I would move to New York City, eat cat food if I had to and become a famous actress. The famous part was pretty important.

I am not a famous actress. Obviously.

What I've actually been:

a waitress
a teacher
a counselor
a mom
an author

But I know that I'll likely get to "be" many more things before my time here is finished. Because we aren't really called to be something, we're called to be His. Being His means that we go whatever direction he does. Sometimes I think he puts these dreams into us very young. And with others he chooses to reveal things in his own good time.

So what dreams do you have for your life?
What is it that you think God wants you to be?

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