Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wanna hang out?

This is my daughter the night she got engaged. Katie married in May. Last night, her dad (my husband) and her husband were busy. She's 22. Friday night and nothing to do.

So she called me right after work.

"Hey, Mom, wanna hang out?"

I was so excited I started naming off restaurants. Then I changed clothes. Since I'm a writer a lot of days I wear really weird clothes all day long (mismatched pj's, whatever's comfy, no make-up).

Katie helps me shop. She knows about cute clothes. I smiled and put on one of the outfits she'd picked out from the mall--little blue lacy tank top under a brown shirt with brown and ice-blue matching bracelet. Getting dressed up is fun--even for moms!

Anyway, we went to an Italian restaurant. We laughed and talked about married life, which still blows my mind--having a married daughter! I remembered little things from her childhood--things I'll never forget. I reminded her that she loved to play My Little Pony and Barbies. We talked about the morning when she ran away from home. She was seven years old. I watched out the front window until I saw her walking back a few minutes later with her yellow suitcase and dragging her blanket.

Then we went to Wal-Mart after dinner. We didn't buy anything. But we looked at clothes, cute pj's, and pretty mirrors for her house.

I wouldn't trade hanging out with Katie last night for anything. You know what? I'm finally understanding that God adores me so much that He loves spending time with me. Little ole me. He doesn't remember the things I've messed up on. They're all in the past. Forgiven. He just loves being with me.

Thank you, Daddy.

Much love♥♥


Monica said...

your daughter is beautiful. this site is awesome. a friend of mine sent it to me. I'm glad to see another servant of God out there. God Bless, love ya.

Monica <3

Julie Garmon said...

Thank you so much, Monica. I'm so grateful to God for what He did for Katie. She went through a rough time with anorexia. She's doing great now!!

Much love♥♥