Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who knew?

Okay, this is going to sound totally crazy when you start reading it, but wait until you get to the end.

When I was 12, I got my braces off. Then my teeth started getting crooked again. My orthodontist said I was a TONGUE THRUSTER. How weird! Rather than keeping my tongue against the roof of my mouth where it belonged, I rested it against the back of my teeth. So, I had to go to TONGUE THERAPY every week almost an hour away.

I told my mother the whole thing was strange. Who goes to tongue therapy!! Pretty soon we found out my tongue therapist was also a writer. Mom joined her writing group. Cec Murphey, another writer, was in this group. This happened over 30 years ago.

I didn't start writing until after I turned 40. Totally scared and doubting myself, I went to my first writers' conference in 2001. I wasn't sure I was a real writer.

I'd only seen Cec maybe once in my life. And there he stood signing his books. God, if Cec will encourage me, I'll keep writing.

He invited me to join his writers' group in Atlanta! I didn't ask him to. My first publication came the next year!

This September, I'm going to teach writing at the North Texas Christian Writers' Conference. Guess who recommended me? Cec Murphey.

And I thought it was all about tongue therapy.

Thank you, God. You knew the plan, didn't You!
My love,


LaShaunda said...

Hi Julie,

Don't you just love when God works in your life like that?

I have never met Cec personally, but knowing him from the list has truly blessed my life. He writes words that encourages me. I visited his site and found his book for caregivers and it helped me so much in learning to be a better caregiver.

I do hope one day to meet him in person.

Many blessings to you with your new book.

Erin said...

I love how life is like a big puzzle, but we often only see small pieces and it makes us confused: why is God doing this to us?? But then someday (it might not be until we get to heaven) we see how he used that seemingly bad something to work a world of good!

God Bless~

Julie Garmon said...

I sure do love it when God works that way, LaShaunda. And I couldn't have planned it in a million years. I'm so glad my words connected with you. So, you're a caregiver! I know Cec's book will be a big help.

Much love,

Julie Garmon said...

Amen, Erin!! Those tiny pieces CAN sometimes come together before heaven. Great point.

Prayers for pieces to your life's puzzle to slip into place too (if they aren't right now):-).

Thanks for responding. ♥