Thursday, July 13, 2006


God's been kind of quiet lately with me. I'm asking, but I'm not really getting any direction. It's just been quiet. I know He hears me, I know He's still with me - His presence is clear.

That happens sometimes. And I've learned that when that happens, I need to be still...and wait.

That means that I shouldn't spend all my time fretting and worrying and being anxious about something that God has completely in control. If He's not giving me clear direction then I can't just go running off in wild directions because of fear.

Even though I know all that - it's still a hard place to be. Early in my walk with God, He was very gracious with my fears. As I've grown up, I see how more and more, He expects me to trust Him simply because He has always proven Himself faithful to me. That doesn't mean I can't crawl in His lap and cry out all those fears and worries, it just means that now I know better than to take them back. I have to leave those things with Him.

As this difficult time in my life drags on I find myself growing quieter and quieter with God. I don't want to miss it when He shows me the way.

I find such strength in that quietness. In the waiting. In the listening. So if you find yourself unsure, try spending some time at His feet - in silence. Even if He chooses not to give you the answer - He will give you Himself. And that's all we really need anyway.


Samantha said...

Thanks, I really needed this post, You guys are all really a God send. So many of your guys posts relate directly to my life!

Julie Garmon said...

Me too. I'm learning the same thing. Waiting is the opposite of what I like to do!