Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Beauty of God's Creation

I want to share with you an excerpt from my journal during my vacation to Hawaii earlier this month....

“I am overwhelmed by beauty. All of God’s creation is beautiful, but there is something breathtaking about the beauty of earth. We place so much emphasis on the beauty of people that the beauty of earth is sometimes unseen and neglected. I sit in a place far from home. The beauty of Hana, Maui is ridiculous. We drove through a rain forest to get to our house. It was a three hour drive of beauty that had only been in our dreams. We saw trees and plants that we had never seen in any other place. There are black rocks along the shore. How did they get here? Did God make them just as they are and place them on the coast or did they form from volcano lava? You can’t help but be in awe of God’s creative activity.

I can’t see anything in the distance. No other land for miles and miles. I can hear the ocean beat against the shore. What does it speak of? For whose glory do the waves break? In the Psalms, waves are used to describe the wrath of God and the agony of despair. Waves are something so beautiful and mysterious. It’s strange that they would be used to describe something painful. Maybe the same parallel can be drawn about the wrath of God and despair. Both seem negative but maybe as you dig you can see beauty in the mystery. I don’t have to face God’s wrath because of grace but it is beautiful that He will vindicate Himself someday. Every knee will bow before Him. The agony of despair is not beautiful in and of itself, but seeing God in it is beauty. The drive to rest in Him and wait for Him is beautiful.”

Every morning, we would wake to the sunrise. Every morning was a new and unique glorious portrait. This picture is from our backyard overlooking the ocean one morning. You don’t have to be in Maui to experience God’s beauty. Look around you today and breathe in His beauty.



Dionna Sanchez said...

Beautiful and eloquent post.

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures! Breathtaking.

And nice post, too, thank you!