Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm reading 50 Days of Heaven by Randy Alcorn. This book and Heaven for kids are powerhouses of good information.
Let me share just one word from today's devotional.
Isn't that a cool word. I'm thinking of naming a minor dragon Zeteo. It's a cool word to say even before you know what it means.
It translates from Greek in the New Testament as "set your hearts on." It is used in the Gospels to announce that the Son of Man came to seek (zeteo) and to save that which was lost.
Zeteo also denotes ardor as in fervor to accomplish. Zeteo is used in the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the merchant who searches for fine pearls.
Paul uses zeteo when he tells us to pursue in a diligent, active, single-minded manner . . . what?
We who have been to church often and involved in numerous Bible studies are predisposed to answer . . . what?
What pops into your mind as the object of a Christian's ardant seeking?
Christ? God? Scripture?
The answer here is Heaven.
That's right! Heaven!
1. It is where we will spend eternity. If we are going to the Gulf Coast for a holiday, we spend a few hours surfing the net to find out the fun things we will encounter. Seems like our curiosity would be piqued as to what Heaven has in store for us. I have my ticket to vacation there.
2. A place reveals a lot about the person who built the place. By becoming familiar with what Heaven is like, we become even more familiar with He who created it.
So don't pass over the passages about Heaven as something beyond our imaginations. ZETEO, man. Look into it.

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