Saturday, October 21, 2006

Days We Need Warning Labels

Do you ever just have one of those days? When you wake up exhausted and would give your entire nail polish AND purse collection just to stay in bed? When your morning routine takes longer than it should? When neither your clothes nor your hair seems to fit?

These are the days we hate, but Satan loves. When it takes very little for Satan to prompt me into saying or doing something completely ungodly. And I struggle enough as it is.

This week included a few of those days. I am around a couple of people who are not overly friendly. People I wouldn’t want to be standing next to if my clothes were on fire or if I needed CPR. We all know some people like that. And it’soooo me to try and one up them. You know what I mean? To that girl who always has something outrageously rude to say, I can go one better. To that guy who looks away when I say “good morning,” I am perfectly capable of throwing him a world class dirty look. To that person who never has time to help out, I can dish it right back and then some.

But…that isn’t of God. It sure is of me though.

I had that challenge this week. Someone was off the charts hateful. To the point where you are standing there with your mouth wide open, like “Did that just happen?” I pray for God to take control of my thoughts daily. To tie up my mouth when I want to verbally pin someone against the wall. I struggle with my mouth ALL THE TIME. And frankly, sometimes I lose that battle. But not this week. I was actually able to walk away. And get this: I even prayed for Mrs. Rudeness. Okay, that idea didn’t come to me until much later, but still, I did eventually feel led to pray for her, for her salvation. Did it take everything in me to NOT pray for her to lose a finger in a freak stapling incident? Yes. But I felt God whispering, “You could be the only example of Christ she sees all day. All week. Her reaction is not what’s important. Yours is.”

So I challenge you. Next time you find yourself in the midst of a bad day and someone pushes you over the edge, stop and pray. Let God deal with that person. You take the high road. Because He’s watching. And so is Satan. Who are you gonna allow to claim the victory?


Robin Caroll said...

I think the majority of days I need a warning label. I'm still working on the "guarding thy tongue"....sigh.

Kylie said...

Wow. Thank you for posting! That really meant alot to me, because I have the same problem.