Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Perfect Dancing Partner

Teenagers are my favorite people. I'm especially drawn to rebellious girls. Probably because my own two daughters rebelled. (Deep down, I think we all fight God in one way or another--some people just do it louder than others.)

I teach high school Sunday school. In my mind, I'm going around the room and picturing each girl. Every single one is going through pain and hard stuff.

One had major foot surgery and has been in so much pain. She was born with CP. Her one dream in life is to dance. She's scheduled to have a second surgery next month on the other foot.
One is a ballet dancer who's been unable to dance because of an injury to her leg muscle. She'd finally gotten better when she tore a muscle near her ribs. Breathing hurts her. Now she can't dance until she heals all over again.

One's boyfriend just broke up with her. She has "that look" in her eyes. We've all probably felt it. The deep ache that comes from being hurt. Who wants to dance when you're crying?

There's pain going on in the lives of the girls that I can't even blog about.

Nothing that happens to us slips by unnoticed to our Father. One of my daughters was date raped. She didn't tell anyone. She was a "church girl" who felt covered in shame after it happened. It's taken some time, but Katie's been set free. I guess you could say she's dancing again. :-)

God cares. He's working good in our lives. He can use our scars to heal others.

In the name of Jesus, I'm praying for anyone reading this.
Anyone who's hurting.
Anyone who's been used.
Anyone who's been ignored or rejected.
Anyone who's running from God.
Anyone who feels unworthy.
Or ugly.
Anyone who wants to learn to dance again.

May we allow Him to love on us and teach us to dance.

So much love♥


Jennifer B. Jones said...

Great, word. So encouraging.

Jennifer B. Jones said...

No idea why I put a comma in that comment. Sorry to blaspheme the blog with a grammar error!
; )

Julie Garmon said...

Who cares about the comma. I'm just happy it touched you.

THanks, (comma) Jennifer. :-)