Monday, October 30, 2006


Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the land,
Christians were puzzling over which acts to ban.

Is begging for candy, indeed, quite a sin,
if your dressed like a monkey or a man made of tin?

Some think it is fun to dress up all ghoulish
and others mutter epitaphs against things that are foolish.

Walmart and Hersheys and kid costume stores
sit back and gloat as their stock options soar.

What is the right thing to do on this day?
At the risk of sound ing trite, "What would Jesus say?"

Are we celebrating evil and death and the devil?
Or is it spoofing shennanigans that aren't on the level?

Do we remember, for Christians, death has no sting,
And God casts out fear and each evil thing?

Do we offer a candy and also a tract,
when we are presented with a trick ot treat sack?

Do we hide in the closet, the bedroom, or bath
when black cats and witches cross our path?

When goblins and princesses ring our doorbell,
do we open the door widely and yell, "You're going to ****!"

Nah, that's not what our Savior would say.
He'd teach them the difference between truth and play.

He might wear a costume and hand out some treats,
and show them the way to His Heavenly streets.

So be careful what you choose to do on this day.
Will you help or hinder those who don't know the way?

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T. Suzanne Eller said...

Love, love this post. : )