Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What it's all about

Today's Halloween. So, I think a Halloween blog makes sense.

I know Halloween can be a touchy subject with Christians. When I was little, one year my mom handed out Christian pamphlets. No candy. Word got out and not many kids stopped by our house.

Sunday, our church had the most amazing Fall Festival! I can't tell you how much I felt Jesus right there in the church parking lot. Some of the men stayed awake all night long on Saturday to cook the bar-b-q. There were ponies to ride, goats to pet, and the smell of popcorn floated around us. We had a cotton candy machine, boiled p-nuts (it's a southern thing), and snow cones.

Some of "my" high school girls painted faces. We gave away prizes with every game--win or lose. Kids and their parents came from everywhere--even the local children's shelter.

You know what? Jesus loved people through us--through our smiles, our food, and our excitement. He loved on people. Children. Parents. Teens. Grandparents. Those who know Him. Those who don't. No pressure to be like us. No pressure to return to our church.

When we love unconditionally and meet people where they are, the WAY THEY are, something always happens. He melts our hearts to His. He is lifted up and others are drawn to Him.

Happy Halloween.

♥ Julie


Heather Ivester said...

Oh, Julie, please tell your high school girls how much their help at events like this means to us poor, stressed-out moms! Usually, we're the ones having to work the booths AND walk our kids around -- feeling frazzled and scattered.

We had a wonderful Fall carnival at our church over the weekend as well (including a chili cook-off with yummy Southern cornbread). We also had several teenagers help out at the game booths -- which made it such fun for my girls. Those cool, hip teens actually talked to them! :)

Julie Garmon said...

I will tell them, Heather. You're right--when cool hip teens talk to little kids, it means so much!

Thanks for your sweet note.