Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I saw Chris Tomlin in concert this weekend (That's me at the concert with some friends. I'm the girl in the center--with the REALLY flat hair.) Seeing Tomlin live is something I highly recommend. This guy has got it going on. I mean, he gets it, you know? It's only been in the last few years that I've "gotten it." Worship isn't about us. It's about Him. (Um...God, not Chris Tomlin.)

I like to sing. I'm not great at it, but I enjoy it. (Though I did sing the National Anthem at a mule jumping contest once, thank you very much. Not that I'm bragging...) Not too long ago when I'd sing in church (or in the shower, in the car, in the middle of the mall, whatever), it would often be about me. Me harmonizing with those sitting next to me. Me humming my own free-style add-ons. Me trying to sing better than the tone-deaf woman behind me. Me, me, me.

But the song "Made to Worship" is a great reminder that God has created us to worship. And not only with music, but with our lives. Does your life worship God? Do your words? Your actions? I know I fail that test often.

It's also about being in a spirit of gratitude and humility and reverence when we're worshipping. A line in the song says, "He has filled our hearts with wonder so that we always remember." What a cool idea--that we are created to worship God. It's like a car designed to always have gasoline. Our hearts are already filled with everything we need to give him glory.

Next time you're singing or playing an instrument for God, really focus on who your audience is. It's not those around you. It's for Him. It's not about sounding pretty (though I'm sure the mules were grateful at the time they heard the "Star Spangled Banner." ). It's about giving up a praise offering to the Lord. Honoring him with everything you've got--your focus, your concentration, and your attitude. And not just your voice.

"You and I were made to worship. You and I are called to love."
Give it a shot. Look for those opportunities to worship Him today with all you've got.
Jennifer B. Jones

Check out Chris Tomlin discussing his motivation and inspiration here.

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