Sunday, November 19, 2006

Need a Mood Lifter?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the chilly weather and early sunsets of the fall and winter months do a number on my mood. Recently some struggles with my health have sent my enjoyment level plummeting more than usual. However, this experience has also reminded me that it is possible to lift myself out of the gloom.

The next time your spirit needs a lift, try one of the boosters that I’ve found so helpful lately. .

Encourage someone: After a difficult day I got to pass on a message from a magazine editor that I work with, to one of the teens at my church. One of her poems had been accepted for publication! Sharing this exciting news and hearing the thrill in Krystal’s voice made my whole week.

When we encourage others we encourage ourselves. Who could use a kind word or some good news from you? See what happens if you e-mail or call a friend just to share something that you appreciate about her.

Laugh: The other night I was feeling down and my 16-year-old son turned on a funny movie that I’d given him for his birthday. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I could feel the medicine of laughter healing me from the inside.

If you’re in a bad mood, watch your favorite comedy or a silly cartoon. Read a funny book. Search the Sunday paper for the comics. Go to a park and listen to children laughing. Kid laughter is extremely contagious.

Play: My parents sent me a new CD when they found out that I wasn’t feeling well. As soon as it arrived I turned it on and slow danced with my 4-year-old. When we got tired of that we played with one of his toys, made popcorn and talking about silly stuff. It felt so good to just relax and play.

If you feel discouraged or stressed out do something fun. Invite a friend over and pull out one of your childhood board games. Dance. Turn on a CD and sing your heart out, even if you can’t carry a tune. Let the kid in you run wild!

Avoid negativity: I drove to a meeting with someone who kept complaining and talking about negative things. My mood took an immediate nose dive. The next day my friend Susan called and ended our very upbeat conversation with a joke. What a difference!

Spend as much time as you can with friends and family members who bring out your best, have a positive attitude, make you laugh, and are otherwise pleasant to be around. Thanks them for brightening your day just by being who they are.

Praise God: This week I was forced rest and actually started thanking God for it. I discovered some blessings in my unexpected time of slowing down. I relaxed, spent some much needed time with God, and enjoyed some sweet time with friends who called, drove me to the doctor, or stopped to talk when I picked up my son from preschool. Each day I see God using this season for His purpose.

What do you have to thank God for today? Spend time praising Him for the little things, the big things, and the blessings that have come out of difficult times.

I pray today that God will fill your heart and mind with His goodness!


Tiffany said...

Love all your recommendations. I believe that they all are good for the soul. Now if I can remember them when I need them!

Thanks for the encouraging post!

Tiffany said...

PS I see your blog is for teen girls. I'm not a teen girl--but have a heart for this age group. I mentor incarcerated teen girls and have a teenage son.

I enjoy your blog!