Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was my birthday and lots of positive things happened. I could also celebrate finally making progress on my new book. Ever since this "illness" which started in August, my brain has been like a cotton puff. Not only in my chosen profession (writing), but in my day to day life as well. Little things like where I put my credit card, did I write that letter, do I know my Social Security number, blah blah blah, etc. All have been a real bother. So celebrating my birthday and a new chapter was wonderful.
We have a tradition with the little boys in the family. These are my grandsons who are 2 and 5. They are taken to the jewelry aisle at Walmart and allowed to pick out any piece of jewelry for the birthday person (aunts, Mom, and Grandmas). It is wonderful because the jewelry they choose is often off the wall.
Their mom got this plastic creation that was supposed to look African with hunks of ivory on it. I got lots of red beads.
How often do we say that it is not the gift that counts, but the thought? These bright and crazy necklaces prove the point. We will treasure them for years and maybe even wear them on occasion.
There is not great spiritual truth behind this blog. Just enjoy the people around you whether their taste matches yours or not!

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday!!