Tuesday, November 21, 2006

stray kitty I didn't want

My husband brought home a stray kitten yesterday. My 15-year-old son took a picture just now. The kitten we saved isn't either of these two kitties in the picture. These are MUCH CUTER than our stray. She's a calico who needs more color--too much white.

We couldn't get the picture to transfer from his picture phone to the blog.

Oh well. At least these two got your attention. :-)

I didn't want a cat. I didn't want to love her.

There are plenty of reasons why I'd planned to say no to having a cat.

I'm allergic to cats.

We have an indoor black Lab.

How do you keep them apart?

The dog might chase her up a tree.

We have leather furniture.

But she melted my heart.

She's SO sweet. You can hear her purring from across the room. We brought Little Kitty in the den together last night with Cooper, the dog. No problem. They get along. You can't upset this little cat. She's so grateful. She ate and ate. We made her a bed of old rags which she loves. Little Kitty runs to you--she's not independant like many cats.

Little Kitty looks like she's about six months old. She has a boo-boo under her chin. We're taking her to the vet and having her spayed and getting her boo-boo checked.

I didn't want to keep her.

I didn't plan to love her.

I'm so glad God is different that me. His love is unconditional. He doesn't only pick the cute people as favorites. And He still loves us when we run from Him--even when we hide and don't want to be rescued.

Little Kitty with no name (yet) you taught me a lesson.

♥ Julie


Sookie said...

That is so cute!

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks, Sookie. Are you a cat person?