Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Music

I've been listening to online music at This is so fun. You enter the name of an artist or title of a song and it creates a station for you that plays a song as you requested and then tries to match the tone of that one with similar artists and songs. For each song you vote whether you like it or not and with each vote, the program narrows in on your particular taste. It is amazing to me how eventually this "station" figures out what I want to hear and most of the songs are right on target. That's

You know our brains are like that. God originated a program for our choices. Each time you are presented with a situation, you chose whether to accept or reject the circumstances. You can stay and drink a beer with friends, or you can leave. You can choose to listen to dirty jokes or steer the conversation into better channels. You can read pornographic "romance" novels or pick wholesome material. Eventually as you make your choices, you will find that the things that come your way are more often well suited to your chosen lifestyle.
Part of it is that if you always make bad choices, you end up with people who are prone to that lifestyle, and you find yourself in places where inappropriate things are going on.
If you consistently make good choices, you run with an entirely different crowd and attend different functions.
However, this doesn't preclude a situation that is at odds with your proclaimed preference. But you still have the right to cast your vote. Yeah or nay!
Now to complete go off in another direction. On this Pandora Christmas music station I have created I have heard a couple of times a very old Christmas song from World War II. It is by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and believe me, it is over the top corny. But I listen to it and end up praying and crying. The general idea of the song is a man and woman writing back and forth. He is at war, and she is home with the kids trying to have Christmas. The style of music is archaic. Their voices are dorky when you consider what is popular now. The song is mushy and all that is sentimental. But it touches me and I remember our troops who are in the war zone now. I pray for the same sentiments that are expressed in that old song. The ideas are not out of date even if the presentation is dated.
Have a happy holiday season, but don't forget to keep in touch with God on what is important.

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