Monday, December 04, 2006

Friend Pain

There's this guy, Davey Pollack. He's 23. Davey seemed larger than the front door when he walked in our house. He went to high school with my daughters. Funny, sweet, huge football player. He's so big that you'd be scared of him if you didn't know him.

Davey played ping pong in our basement once and beat my husband. Nobody beats my husband.

Somebody gave him a Bible when he signed to play football for the University of Georgia. He became a Christian.

After UGA he went on to play for the Bengals, a pro team. Then he broke his neck. Now he's in a halo--one of giant things that screws into your head. He doesn't know if he'll be able to ever play football again. He may have to give up his lifelong dream.

Guess what he's doing ? Visiting children with spinal inguries--telling them it's gonna be okay. He's smiling and trusting God with the outcome.

I met a woman without hair. She has a disease and her hair will probably never grow back. For a while, she went into deep depression. Shut down. Closed herself off. One day she decided to stop wearing her wig. But going out in public is still scary. Little kids stare and point.

But God's calling her to a mission field--one where she'll keep her wig off. She's going to start visiting children with cancer. She can sing and play the piano for them. This friend is discovering Davey Pollack's life-changing secret.

Sometimes our Father allows pain for a purpose. He allowed His Son to experience death for us. Is it possible that the hard things we go through might be used to teach us how to love others?

Is there anything in your life that hurts?

Anything you wish you could change?

Me too.

What's hard for you today? Let us know and we'll pray.



Erin said...

Well, my family and I are going through a lot of major health problems (have been for two years...) and we just can't figure out a way to get better. :-( It gets pretty discouraging at times, but at other times we're able to do things we hadn't expected to be able to and we can see God's blessings for us. Anyway, I'd sure appreciate everyone's prayers for healing for us!

Julie Garmon said...

Hey Erin. That took guts to post honestly on the blog. Yes, I'm praying for you and your family.

I bet others are too now.

Let us know.

♥ Julie

BamBam said...

I hope David is alright and that things work out for him. We need him up here in Cincy! I think it's wonderful what he's doing. If only more people could be like him.

Erin said...

Thank you, Julie.

Tricia Goyer said...

Every time I complain about my life, it helps me to look at others who are far worse off. Thanks for the reminder.

Also, I could use your prayers. I'm juggling three book projects (one for teen girls!) and juggling Christmas too.

Julie Garmon said...

Maybe more prayers will go up for Davey because of the blog. Wish you could meet him. blondebarbie16, he's an amazing guy.

Erin, still praying daily. Let us know.

Tricia, we haven't even gotten our tree yet. Our two daughters graduate from college next week. Long time coming. My goal is to be you--three teenage girls projects at once!


Nicole said...

I was wondering if you could pray for me. I am having scoliosis surgery in about 9 hours (at 10:30am on Thursday, Dec. 14th). At the moment, I just keep repeating Philippians 4:6-7 to myself, and it is keeping me from being too anxious. Thanks for the blog, and keep writing, I love reading what you ladies write!

Julie Garmon said...

Father, we come to you asking for total peace to cover Nicole. We lift up all who'll be helping her--doctors, nurses, her family. We know you are the Great Physician. Cover her with Your unfailing protection. Put angels around her. Let not her heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. We know You hold her in Your Righteous Right Arm. Thank you.

Tricia Goyer said...


I'm praying too. May God's hand be on the doctors ... may His peace overwhelm you. My your quick healing amaze the doctors and nurses!

Please let us know ...