Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's Turn the Page

One of my favorite things to do is read books to preschoolers. I love their excitement as they become part of the story. I adore the way they giggle over the illustrations, and how they immediately turn to the front of the book for "mor" when the story ends.

Personally, my favorite children's books are those with the windows cut out of the page. You know the kind . . . they allow you to see part of the illustration, and for the life of you can't figure out what it is. Then, as you turn the page, the whole picture is revealed and you can see how the small part fits into the whole.

These books remind me of how God works. They remind me that sometimes my perspective is through a very small window.

Thankfully, God sees the complete picture. He knows how the small part that I see, fits together in His perfect plan.

And, as we are approaching the Christmas holiday, I can't help but comment on how Jesus was part of that plan.

2,000 years ago, shepherds saw a small part of the picture. They saw a baby in the manager.

When Jesus grew up, some of the people of Israel also saw a part of the picture. Some saw a healing. Others a feeding. And still others the death of their friend.

Jesus' disciples got more of the picture through Christ's resurrection, but even they only saw a small part. Years later, we see more--the spread of Christianity all over the world. We see our part in the kingdom of God, and we witness how He is worshiped all these years after He walked the earth.

There is also another part of the picture we see when we invite Christ to be our personal Lord and Savior. You see, while most of our world acknowledges the connection with the baby Jesus and Christmas Day . . . if you turn the page . . . we realize this gift wasn't only for God-come-to-earth back then, but Christ-come-to-live-and-abide IN US today.

It's a picture that overwhelms me, but even that is not the end.

Since I have Christ-in-me, the page will turn yet again. Someday I will be with Him in eternity. It's a picture I can't even imagine, but one I look forward to with eager anticipation.

Oh, what a complete picture that will be!


Erin said...

I love reading aloud to little ones, too. :)

Very good post!

Julie Garmon said...

Beautiful post.

Erin. How's your family?


Tricia Goyer said...

Thank you! God is good and I love sharing what He speaks to my heart.

You all are awesome~

Erin said...

Hi Julie! Well, we just found a new doctor who can hopefully help us out a bit more. Thanks so much for asking!