Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Brain is Blinking

off and on like Christmas lights. Not the kind on the tree inside, but the strings of lights outdoors that go round and round pieces of the house. At our babysitter's house where I sat in the driveway Tuesday night, the lights blink in a slow rhythm for around 30 seconds and then go into a frenzy of blinking for around 15 seconds. This too reminds me of brain function.
I object to bushes that have one lonely strand of lights. There are sometimes six or even a dozen poor insufficiently covered bushes/trees in yards. Better, in my opinion, is to choose one lucky plant in the yard and bedeck it spectacularly. Perhaps I could solve my brain blinking problem by not putting my lights all over the Christmas scene and instead choose one element that I want to emphasize spectacularly. I think I'll choose Jesus.

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