Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From Donita!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
I missed my day!

Some of you already know that I zoomed around town in a swanky, sleek red sports car last week. My day to post is on the second of the month and I was still zooming around in the rental car going back and forth to a writers' conference. I got to learn from Angela Hunt, Nancy Rue, Alton Gansky, and Kathryn Mackel.I need to tell you about the snowstorm and my night in the castle. That's night, not Knight.The writers' conference I attended was in Glen Eyrie, an absolutely gorgeous home built in the early 20th century and modeled after castles in England. Some of the furniture and even a fireplace was brought here from Jolly Ole Britain. But I was commuting because the rooms are pricey, and I had THE ZOOMIE. But on Wednesday, a wet snow fell during the day. It melted as it hit the roads, then froze over. So we had sheets of ice as slick as the skating rinks to drive on. Even though I had taken out the complete insurance package on THE ZOOMIE, I listened to the reports of a 40 car pile-up and an 8 car pile-up and other horror stories and decide that this grandma would stay the night. Poor me! I had to stay in a castle.And it was fabulous. Just walking around the room and examining the beautiful wood in the paneling, the odd door knobs, the unusual way the windows were set in the frames was astonishing. I bought a toothbrush in the lobby and fellowshipped with other conferees in the late night cafe, then went to sleep in a bed I know was built before my mother was born.I felt like a princess, (well, an old and rather achy princess, but still royalty.) Then I remembered I am a princess. I'm the joint heir with Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I am a child of God. AND, as luxurious and as impressive as the Glen Eyrie castle is, it is nothing compared to the mansion that is being prepared for me in Heaven. Hey! if it weren't true, HE wouldn't have told me so. So dust off your crowns, fellow Christians, we have a grand and glorious future that earthly homes can only poorly imitate.Not that I wouldn't spend the night in an earthly castle anytime the offer came up. That was FUN!!! Just as fun as little red zoomie. BTW, ZOOMIE has been returned to rental. *sigh* At least it didn't turn into a pumpkin.

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