Thursday, March 08, 2007

Love Covers That

(Tricia and her sister, Lesley)

I have a highly developed guilt complex. I hate conflict, and I REALLY hate it when I think I've done something to hurt someone else. Do you know anyone like that?

It's even worse when I feel I've disappointed God. Such as, when I kept my mouth shut instead of sharing God's goodness with a friend. Or when I've listened to someone ranting about another person instead of walking away. Or ... when I've told a little white lie instead of facing the consequences of the truth.

Guilt is good when it keeps us from disobeying, or when it lets us know when we screw up. But there comes a time when we need to let it go. When we confess to God we need to then accept His forgiveness. I was thinking about this when I came upon this quote by Max Lucado:

It’s time to let God’s love cover all things in your life. All secrets. All hurts. All hours of evil, minutes of worry.

The mornings you awoke in the bed of a stranger? His love will cover that. The years you peddled prejudice and pride? His love will cover that. Every promise broken, drug taken, penny stolen. Every cross word, cuss word, and harsh word. His love covers all things.

Let it. Discover along with the psalmist: “He ... loads me with love and mercy.” Picture a giant dump truck full of love. There you are behind it. God lifts the bed until the love starts to slide. Slowly at first, then down, down, down until you are hidden, buried, covered in his love.

“Hey, where are you?” someone asks.

“In here, covered with love.”

(Max Lucado, A Love Worth Giving)

That makes me feel better. How about you? Yes, you've mess up. I have, too. But when you seek forgiveness remember ... God's love covers that.

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Jeanette Hanscome said...

Thanks for this post Tricia. I really needed something like this today!

Blessings on your day,