Monday, March 26, 2007

Introducing Sandra Byrd!

Hi! I am author Sandra Byrd, and I am so glad to be a new G3 blogger! My latest series of books for teens is called Friends for a Season. It’s never been a more important series to me than right now.

You see, my best friend died this week.

We were close friends for 11 years – through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’d read her manuscripts (she was an author, too!) and she’d read mine. She didn’t like lipstick – I do. I always like to have a plan. She’d say, plan? What plan? I like gardening and she did not. She teased me when I planted bulbs last fall, and I’d “planned” to take some pictures of them coming up this spring to show her. But no matter how different we were, we complimented each other and let each other be the person God created us to be.

Last fall my friend Jane got leukemia, and I got the chance to walk through the end of her life with her, too. We still talked on the phone, and then text messaged one another, and then when she couldn’t talk any more, we just prayed in our hearts. Last Sunday she went to be with Jesus, and while I am very sad, I know we’ll be together again in heaven. In the meantime, I know she’s got some very cool friends in heaven and I know that God will bring new friends into my life, too.

Jane and I were, in the most important way, best friends for a season. But there will be other friends, and other seasons.

Just like me, each one of you will have many friends during your lifetime. You might have a friend who has been your best friend since third grade, or your closest friends might be the group you started hanging out with this year. You might be afraid because you have to move next year and you’ll have to start all over. But that’s okay. We’ll move into and out of peoples’ lives from the time we’re born till the time we die. No matter how long or short your friendships last, you can always put good things in one another’s lives.

Maybe you plant compassion to a girl who is always trying too hard. Maybe you tell your best friend the truth when she hurts your feelings – growing the thought that honesty among people who care for each other is a good thing, and doesn’t drive people apart. Maybe you do secret acts of kindness for a friend whose parents are divorcing. Maybe you reach out to someone who seems lonely. Then, when you move on to new friends, or your friend moves on in her way, you’ll leave behind good deeds, love, and memories that will cause you both to become even more beautiful inside.

I went out to my garden this week to catch some sun. As I was weeding, I noticed the little crop of beautiful bulbs springing up. I smiled. I can’t show the picture to my friend, but I know she can see them. I planted them long ago and they are just showing their beauty now. The love, joy and encouragement that Jane planted in me will last forever, too. I can bring them to the next season of friends. And so could you.

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T. Suzanne Eller said...

Welcome aboard! It's awesome to have another voice on this blog. I look forward to talking with you more.

Suzanne Eller (Suzie), your fellow God, Girls, Good Life blogger