Friday, April 20, 2007

I Want A Famous Face

This morning as I was drying my hair, I started thinking back on my life and realized that there was a common denominator. All my life, I have wanted to be famous. All of my ambitions and dreams as a child revolved around careers that brought fame. I wanted to be a singer or an actor. Looking back, I feel like there was something in me that drove me to want to be noticed.

The fame I desired could be on any level, big or small. In middle school and high school, I think that fame translated into popularity. I always hoped to be voted on the homecoming court, but it never happened. I wanted to be number one on the tennis team, but it never happened. I found no fame.

As I grew older, I decided that my avenue for fame would be accomplished through beauty pageants. I wanted to enter the local Junior Miss when I was in high school, but the year that I was to enter it got cancelled. That was the only year in it’s history that it was ever cancelled! That cancellation did not deter my ambitions though. I decided that I wanted to enter the Miss America pageant. Every Miss America winner became famous. I had talent which was what those girls needed to win. Year after year, something came up that deterred me from entering the pageant. To my disappointment, I never had the opportunity to enter the pageant. I found no fame.

I realized today at 28 years old that deep down I still want to be famous. It still drives me somewhat in what I do. I sometimes found myself on the look out for fame. If I have the opportunity to feel famous, I take it, but the hope of fame often leaves me disappointed because it is never satisfying. If I could stop trying to figure out how to be famous, maybe then I could be free to point fame in other directions. So, this morning, I asked God to show me how to make His name famous...not mine. Trying to make yourself famous is exhausting, and if I want to be exhausted from anything, I would like it to be from making God famous.

I don’t think that I am the only girl who desires to be famous on some level. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure god is already famous.

Sarah Bragg said...

You're so right.... He is famous, and I hope that I point to Him to bring Him glory more than I desire to glorify myself. Thanks for commenting!