Friday, April 27, 2007

The New Me (I hope)

Today, I could feel my panic button self starting up. As usual.

I went to the Y. After I took a shower, I couldn't find my car keys. I raced to the front desk with my hair dripping wet and a coat hanger in my hand.
"I think I've locked my keys in the car. Is there anybody here who can help me use this to unlock it? Some smart man or something?"
"No, I'm sorry. You can call the car dealership next door."
I looked down and right next to the my hand at the front desk were my keys. They'd been sitting there untouched for almost two hours.
The whole time I was in panic mode, I felt the Lord saying, "Why don't you not panic this time?"
I came home and worked on a rewrite. An article I needed to send to an editor today. I'd just typed my last word and hit a wrong button. MY ENTIRE ARTICLE DISAPPEARED. All that was left was a stupid little letter "r" on my page. "Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?" I clicked through several documents. Nothing. Nothing on the page but an "r."
I called a smart computer guy who said, "Go to edit and press undo."
Wa-laaa. There was my completed article!
Again, I felt the Lord's gentle nudging. "Why don't you try and not panic? Try trusting Me."
There's a Bible verse that starts out, "Be anxious for NOTHING..."
Ouch. That means that I have to stop myself each time I start to panic. I have to say, "God wants me to pray about EVERYTHING. And not to be nervous about one single thing."
ANY OTHER PANIC BUTTONS OUT THERE WANT TO START LIVING A DIFFERENT WAY? I don't think we can trust and panic at the same moment.
♥ Julie


Steph said...

my main panic button right now (but i try hard and mostly it doesn't make my panic) AP exams in 2 weeks!!!

i'm still trying out to work out the difference between trusting God to take care of something and not thinking about it (both ways to not panic). Any thoughts? (I'm kind of thinking that the former means praying about it, being optimistic, and working hard to do your part, whereas the latter is just denial, avoidance, and laziness).

Jenny B. Jones said...

Ugh, AP exams are SO hard. What are you taking? I am saying a prayer for you RIGHT NOW!

You know, it's totally normal to think about it. That's a sign that you care. But definitely give the worry party of it over to God. I pray he gives you wisdom, discernment,peace, and a clear head to do your test. Let us know how it goes!

Julie Garmon said...

Hey Steph. What AP class? A lot of my Sunday school girls have this same request... Like Jenny said, yes, it's normal to think about it. I don't think you can say,"What the heck. I'm not going to give this much thought."

But I usually go to the worst case scenario in my mind. Plus, I really felt God was saying, "Stop panicking. No matter what, I'm in control. Even if you did lose your article, I'm still God. Even if you did lock your keys in your car (again) I have a plan. Trust me. I love you. I'm always working out things for good. If your article had disappeared, I'm here."

I'll add you to my list of other AP students getting ready for finals.

Thanks for chatting, Steph.


Steph said...

Wow! It's so great to be able to go back to a page and find people praying for you! I'm taking US History (8 days!), Physics, and English Language and Composition. Thanks so much for praying!

Julie Garmon said...

Steph, I don't know anybody taking so many tough classes. You must be brilliant.

May God fill your mind with His wisdom and give you perfect peace to do your best as you take these tests. He has an AMAZING plan for you...I just know it!