Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beauty from ... what a mess!

I have a new book coming out in July for teen girls. Thinking about it both excites me and terrifies me at the same time.

The title is: My Life, Unscripted. In it I've share more about my messed up teen years than I ever thought I would. In fact stories I SWORE to never tell a soul will soon be in print! Like the time I was on a date with my boyfriend and found myself kissing his best friend. Or the time I got in a fist fight after a football game ... did I mention I was still wearing my cheerleading uniform? Or when I was 17 and told my boyfriend in the McDonald's parking lot that I was pregnant.

It's stories like these that I wish were fiction and NOT the truth!

Yet, years ago, after I dedicated my life to Christ I prayed He would redeem those years and bring some good out of them. This book is that redemption in print!
It's a dream come true. It's my way of allowing God to take the mess and make something beautiful out of it.
So what do you dream about? Check out this quote I found:

"God never simply buries our dead and broken dreams because He'd be burying our hearts along with our dreams. One of two positive things will happen. Either the dream will become fertilizer for something even better, or the Lord will give me the gumption and oomph to bring my dream to fruition. I can't lose either way!" ~Noni Joy Tari

To put in bluntly, the MESS from my teen years became fertilizer for something better. Believe me, it took a lot of gumption and guts to bring this dream to fruition, but if it can help one teen to choose a better path for her life it's ALL worth it!

Now, what about you? What mess have you lived through that you hope one day can help someone else? Tell me about it ...

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Jeanette Hanscome said...


God must have known that I would need your words today because I'm reading them at least a week after you posted this blog.

I'm in the process of writing about some difficult years in my life that I pray God will redeem for the good of someone else. At the moment I'm stuck, mostly because I fear the emotions that these projects stir up. So thank you for your inspiring words!

A big hug,